Why tinted windows and window film may not be the best solution for blocking UV radiation

In New Zealand the levels of UV radiation are greater than in any other part of the world and in order to reduce that exposure there are products on the market that have advantages and disadvantages. The main products are tinted glass, window film and UVTEC a crystal clear liquid product that warranties it will block out over 99+% of the damaging UV radiation www.uvtec.co.nz .  This is important as the other previously mentioned products do not warranty that their products will block that UV radiation, and in the case of window film they only warranty that the film will adhere to the glass.

However, whilst the suppliers of tinted glass and window film claim their products do block the UV radiation they have some disadvantages that mean that the use of these products are not necessary the best solution. Note that unless your windows are already tinted by your supplier, it is likely that any tinting solution will involve applying a tinted window film.

Disadvantages of Tinted Glass and Window Film

Your double glazing warranty will be void if you apply a window film

Double glazing window manufacturers will void their warranty if window film tinting is applied. This is because window film will block the heat from transmitting through the Double Glazing which causes the unit to heat up, and therefore can result in the cracking of the glass within the Double Glazing unit. UVTEC has letters from glass companies Viridian and NZ Glass, stating that the application of UVTEC will not invalidate their double glazing warranties.

No Guarantee that UV radiation will actually be blocked

If your goal is to block UV radiation from damaging your carpets and causing your curtains and furniture to fade, then a window film or tint may not be the best solution. On the other hand, UVTEC warranties in writing that its clear liquid UV coating will block out over 99+% of the UV radiation.

The largest film company in New Zealand, which claims to supply 75% of the market, will not warranty that their product will block UV radiation, only that it will adhere to the glass window. The other film suppliers also do not provide written warranties stating their products will block out the damaging UV radiation. If considering a window film solution to block UV radiation, make sure you review the supplier’s warranties.

Your house will be colder in winter

Both tinted glass and window film reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home that accordingly reduces the heat entering your home. That can make your home colder in the winter, and require you to spend more money on heating during these winter months.

Comparison of tinted glass vs clear glass treated with UVTECYour rooms will be darker

The use of tinted glass and window film alters the level of light that enters the home and therefore can significantly darken the room thereby changing the balance of the colour hues of your interior decoration.

You lose privacy at night

Whilst Tinted glass and Window film do provide a degree of privacy during the day in that you can see out, and the public cannot see in, this is reversed at night especially when you have lights on.

Installed film on flat glass surfaces is not expected to have the same level of visual quality as glass.”

International Window Film Association – Visual Quality Standard for Applied Window Film

Why UVTEC’s clear liquid solution is a better way to block UV radiation, the prime cause of furnishings fading

UVTEC does not have any of the above disadvantages, and is therefore a better solution if you want to block the UV radiation coming through your windows. However, due to its nature, it does have some limitations:

  1. UVTEC cannot be applied to skylights.
  2. UVTEC is not viable to apply to the windows on boats, cars or caravans.
  3. UVTEC will not hold glass together once the glass is broken.
  4. UVTEC should not be applied to the outside of glass.

Over 7,000 clients have decided that UVTEC is a better solution for blocking UV radiation through their windows. UVTEC is a crystal clear solution that was invented here in New Zealand. It is the only product to be tested by NIWA for New Zealand’s harsh UV environment where the UV radiation is some 30-40% higher than in USA [McKenzie et al., 2001], and it is only UVTEC that provides a written warranty that it blocks 99%+ of that UV radiation, the prime cause of fading of your furnishings.

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