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UV protect windows

UVTEC is a crystal clear liquid that is professionally applied to the inside of windows to protect home furnishings and artwork from UV fading.  The UVTEC product has been developed in collaboration with an award-winning polymer coating company from New Zealand and extensively tested by NIWA (National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd).

In their Consultancy Report, NIWA concluded that in the UVB region, UVTEC blocked over 99.9% of the radiation that was transmitted by glass and blocked over 99% of all UV radiation below 386 nm.  Further, NIWA concluded that exposure behind UVTEC coated glass is equivalent to using a sunblock cream with SPF 690, noting that most sunscreens have SPFs (i.e. Sun Protection Factors) of 15 or less, similar to uncoated glass.  The effective blocking for three commonly reported wavelength bands is given in the table below – UVA, UVB and Erythermal UV (radiation that causes sunburn to human skin).  Note that these values will depend on the glass type and thickness.  For a copy of NIWA’s full report click here.

NIWA table

Because UVTEC only blocks out the damaging UV rays it still allows the winters sun’s warmth (created by infra-red rays) to be transmitted through windows. And unlike many alternative products, UVTEC will not crack, bubble or peel.  It also won’t invalidate double glazing warranties and because it’s crystal clear it won’t distort the clarity of your view or colour hues transmitted through your windows.

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