Our Process


UVTEC is a privately owned business that’s been helping homeowners to protect their furnishings and artwork from the damaging effects of UV radiation since 1997.  At UVTEC, we’re proud of the personal service we provide and our care and workmanship is of the highest standard.  Having protected over 6,000 homes all across New Zealand we’re confident we can help you too.

At a time that’s convenient to you, one of our friendly consultants will provide you with a free and no obligation quote.  They’ll work with you to understand your problem areas (generally north and west aspects of your home) and then individually measure and price each room separately.  This allows you to choose the extent to which you protect your home with UVTEC.  Our consultant will also explain UVTEC’s 10-year pro-rata warranty to give you additional peace of mind.

At the point that you decide to proceed with protecting your home with UVTEC, the team will book a date with you to apply UVTEC to your windows.  During the product application stage, the UVTEC team will take the utmost care in preparing your home.  All floors are protected & window surfaces are meticulously prepared for the application of the UVTEC product.  Prior to the application of the UVTEC product, the team will use a UV meter to measure the level of UV radiation currently being transmitted through your windows.

Following the application of UVTEC to your windows, the team will again use the UV meter to show you how UVTEC is successfully blocking damaging UV rays. The team will also leave you with a complimentary fabric micro-cloth that allows you to easily and safely clean your windows.

UVTEC looks forward to helping you too. To talk to one of our consultants or book your free quote please contact us