About UVTEC…

The Problem

Protecting valuable furnishings or artwork from the destructive fading effects of the sun has long been a challenge for home owners. But what causes sun fading? Read more>>

UVTEC is a crystal clear liquid that is professionally applied to the inside of windows to protect home furnishings and artwork from fading. The UVTEC product has been developed in collaboration with an award-winning polymer coating company from New Zealand and extensively tested by NIWA (National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd). Read more >>

UVTEC is a privately owned business that’s been helping homeowners to protect their furnishings and artwork from the damaging effects of UV radiation since 1997. At UVTEC, we’re proud of the personal service we provide and our care and workmanship is of the highest standard. Having protected over 6,000 homes all across New Zealand we’re confident we can help you too. Read more >>

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