Why UVTEC is the best way to protect your home from UV radiation

Is your furniture fading in the sun?

If so, it’s likely that the UV light streaming through your windows every day is damaging your furniture and soft furnishings. The worst thing is – the damage happens slowly over time, and you don’t realise it until it’s too late.

UVTEC is different to other UV window protections

UVTEC is applied as a crystal clear liquid that blocks over 99% of damaging UV rays.  Tinted glass does not provide this level of protection. That means that once UVTEC has been applied, the sun damage to your furniture, curtains and artworks is dramatically reduced – and there is no need to tint your windows in order to get this level of protection.

In fact, tests performed by government science research organisation NIWA confirmed that coating your windows with UVTEC is equivalent to using a sunblock cream with SPF 690!

Tinted glass only reduces the light coming through your windows

Because UVTEC is a crystal clear solution, it doesn’t reduce the light coming into your home whereas tinted glass reduces the light, and can affect your perception of your colour scheme – and on top of all that, tinted glass doesn’t filter out anywhere near the required amount of UV radiation needed to avoid having your furniture, fabrics and curtains fade over time.

UVTEC is applied as a liquid, not as a window film

Window film has been known to lift, bubble and peel, however as UVTEC is a liquid, it embeds itself into the pits and pores of glass, thereby adhering to the glass in a manner that ensures that it will not lift bubble or peel.

UVTEC lasts for years – and keeps protecting your home

We have customers who have had UVTEC in their home for over 15 years and swear by it – in fact, many of them ask us to come back again when they extend their home and have new windows that need UV protection.

“I hadn’t realised how amazing the UVTEC product was until my sons broke a large window that had been UV treated. While I replaced my window quickly I delayed getting it UV protected.  To my shock, 2 months later my fabric window seat cushion needed replacement as it was entirely sun-bleached & ruined!!  Needless to say I got Laurie’s team in super fast after that – they did a superb job and never again will I have glass in my house that is not UVTEC treated.  Not with this NZ sun!”. – Kimberley Summer

UVTEC is the only UV window protection that won’t invalidate your double-glazing warranty

Double-glazing is expensive, so it doesn’t make sense to apply a UV filtering solution that will invalidate your double-glazing warranty – yet that’s exactly what can happen when you apply UV protection window film solutions, as film blocks the heat that can cause the seal on double glazing to rupture, thereby allowing moisture to penetrate between the layers of glass or the glass to crack.

We have letters from Viridian and NZ Glass, both confirming that UVTEC will not invalidate your double-glazing warranty.

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