UVTEC Franchise Points of Difference

What makes a UVTEC franchise unique?

1. Territory

Each territory is exclusive to the UVTEC franchisee whereas with the competition (window film) there just may be different independent sole operators offering numerous brands with no actual point of difference, all basically competing on price.

2. Franchisee Fee

Unlike most franchises there is no ongoing franchisee fee so the income you make is yours to keep. There is an ongoing monthly contribution for national promotion and marketing.

3. Dedicated Franchisee web page

Each franchisee will have their own dedicated web-page on the UVTEC  website for their exclusive territory. You will be able to add photos and content specific to your business. This will help customers within your territory find out more about you, and will also help with your ranking in Google.

4. Training

UVTEC’s training is ‘hands on’ and very comprehensive. Training is conducted within the franchisee’s exclusive territory and specific to that territory, so you don’t have to travel. You learn about promotion and marketing, equipment maintenance, product management, business and financial management, computer skills, sales and presentation techniques, use of the UV meter, all that enables you to launch your franchise with the upmost confidence.

5. Product technology

UVTEC is the only known liquid application on glass that effectively blocks out over 99% of the damaging UV radiation, the prime cause of fading. And this in an environment that has 40 to 60% greater UV radiation than any other part in the world. The product was developed in New Zealand by an award winning polymer coating company and comes with a 10 year pro-rata warranty. It is the only en-situ coating that will not invalidate double glazing warranties – a major advantage over window film, — all new builds must have windows that are double glazed. Also, the coating is crystal clear therefore there is no alteration to the clarity of the glass and, as the coating bonds to the glass it does not lift, bubble or peel.

6. Customer care

Having been in the service industry for many decades UVTEC’s management is very experienced in the art of customer service and prides themselves in handling customer issues. Review of customer comments will endorse the service we provide.

7. Affinity

Whatever issues you may encounter UVTEC’s management have also experienced those issues and accordingly have a wealth of knowledge to share — your success is our success.

It is important for you to know that, as a UVTEC franchisee, you are not alone. UVTEC is totally committed to your success.

Require more information?

Call us on 0800 4 88832 or email us via the form on this page. We will arrange a meeting to enable you to meet one of the team and discuss the opportunity in greater detail.