How it works

About Regional Franchisees.

Regional franchisees are exclusive sole operators in their chosen region. They quote and apply the UVTEC product to the client’s windows. Their income arises from those applications. The ideal franchisee must have the ambition to work diligently and professionally, whilst adhering to the principles UVTEC values—that are trust, integrity, absolute respect for the client and excellence.

Extensive Support.

The support provided by UVTEC is essential to the success of franchisees. UVTEC provides a comprehensive training programme that fully covers the application and management of the product, with an assisted Xero financial recording package, web marketing and a committed web page on each franchisee for their chosen area. A UVTEC franchisee works for himself, but not by himself as there will always be someone to provide guidance, advice and extensive support.

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Franchisee Training.

Equipment operation, maintenance and product management will be provided by franchisor, Laurie Jones, who has completed over one thousand applications. Business management, computer training including use of dedicated templates, together with proven customer liaison techniques will be imparted by UVTEC’s in-house management team. Franchise support and advice will be available from Kevin Peterson, a hugely experienced Franchise recruitment specialist, business mentor and financial accountant, upon whose recommendation a custom built Xero accounting package will provide instant financial monitoring.

Franchisees expectations of the initial training period in their territory.

  • In-depth knowledge of various manuals.
  • Comprehensive training in UVTEC’s sales presentation, with understanding of various reports i.e. NIWA reports, followed by actual presentation in potential client’s home.
  • UVTEC equipment and product management training at franchisees home, followed by an application ‘on the job’ in client’s home.
  • Business management and training in the use of dedicated templates.
  • Computer training in Xero financial management programme.
  • Customer liaison approach before and after applications.
  • Refresher time to review all aspects of training.

Knowledge Pool and Sharing.

Franchisees will be encouraged to share their accumulated knowledge with other franchisees, the franchisor (Laurie Jones), and business mentor, financial and recruitment advisor, (Kevin Peterson). Regular contact will ensure that all matters pertaining to clients, application methodology, sales techniques, equipment usage, web site development, back-office support and policy upgrades are fully discussed. Franchisees can expect regular phone calls, emails or if necessary visits whenever they need advice or guidance.

Superior Equipment.

UVTEC’s stainless steel application equipment was specifically designed and deliberately over engineered for the application of the product. With regular maintenance, the equipment has been used over thousands of applications without mishap.

Website and Administration Systems.

UVTEC contracts the ongoing development of its website to an experienced webmaster, who specialises in search word optimization and customer response. Comprehensive job tracking and client communication systems combined with the Xero accounting package ensures that the business management can be monitored from your home/office or mobile phone.

Client Consideration and Care.

UVTEC adheres to the adage: “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. Therefore, all enquiries are dealt with in the most professional manner possible with emphasis placed on regular communication with the client, both before and after an application.

Brand Promotion and Marketing.

As with the above adage every endeavour is made to promote and market the brand to the highest levels of excellence possible. Car and trailer signage identifies UVTEC and our values to our customers whilst the standard of franchisee dress at time of quoting creates confidence to the customer that at all times UVTEC will treat their home as if it was their own. All printed marketing material is of the highest standard with the quote presented in its own folio.          Logo-ed business shirts are part of the franchisee and brand promotion.  Franchisees are encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions in regard to the promotion and marketing of the brand.


Call us on 0800 4 88832 or email us via the form on this page. We will arrange a meeting to enable you to meet one of the team and discuss the opportunity in greater detail.