Common Franchisee Questions

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked about becoming a UVTEC franchisee. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us by completing the form on this page.

What types of UVTEC franchises are available?

Each individual franchise is for a defined regional territory within New Zealand.

Do I receive training from UVTEC?

Yes. All franchisees must attend and successfully complete the training provided by the Franchisor. This will be delivered by the Franchisor and will primarily take place in your new territory. It may also include time spent at UVTEC HQ. The cost of the initial training is included in the franchise fee with the franchisee picking up any costs for travel and accommodation. Other employees may attend the training programme under terms negotiated between you and the Franchisor.

Do I receive assistance when launching my new business?

Yes. In addition to your initial training period, a representative of UVTEC will work closely

with you from the start of your franchise operation. We will assist you with initial applications and provide guidance with the creation and implementation of your initial marketing plan. UVTEC personnel will be available on an ongoing basis to discuss any aspect of business development and operations.

Can I sell my UVTEC franchise?

Yes. Like any other business, your business can be sold to any buyer approved by the company. There is a transfer fee for administrative, legal and training expenses that apply to the transfer. Terms and conditions of business transfers are covered in your Franchise Agreement.

What is the term of my Franchise Agreement?

The initial term of the agreement is 5 years. This is followed by 3 further rights of renewal for successive 5 year terms.

How do I initiate my application?

To lodge an expression of interest in a UVTEC franchise please call us on 0800 2 88832, or email us via the form on this page, or contact either Franchise Development Advisor Kevin Peterson (, or Franchisor Laurie Jones ( directly. We will then arrange a confidential appointment and interview.