UVTEC had its genesis in a UREKA moment when the search by the owners of UVTEC began as a need to protect their oriental carpets, antique furniture and paintings from the damaging effects of UV radiation. This desire for an alternative product was driven by the requirement for a suitable product that would provide UV protection to ensitu glass windows that would not lift, bubble or peel, nor invalidate the warranty on the growing requirement for Double Glazed windows in the home building industry. A further requirement was the need for a crystal clear coating that was easy to clean and would not darken a room that in turn alters the colour hues of interior design.

UVTEC commissioned an award winning New Zealand based polymer coating company who recognised the unique opportunity to develop a new and ‘fit for purpose’ product in arguably the world’s worst UV environment. From the polymer floor coating industry, UVTEC was developed as a liquid application for en-situ windows that cures on the glass by absorbing the moisture from the atmosphere. Elements of UVTEC’s ability to block over 99% of the damaging UV radiation have now been incorporated into that company’s stable of products, with the company winning the Dulux Best Supplier of the Year Award in 2015.

After years of development, UVTEC was finally ready for testing at the NIWA research facilities at Lauder in Central Otago re: its ability to block the harmful UV radiation. It was proven that UVTEC blocked over 99% of the damaging UV rays in the 3/400 nm range as: ‘It is UV radiation that is primarily responsible for the cause of fading (as a consequence of its high energy)’.

Tests were also conducted by the then research arm of the Wool Industry who concluded that UVTEC met the Key Performance Indicators established by the development company; that is to provide excellent protection for carpets from the effects of ultraviolet light. A further report was commissioned from the Clothing and Textiles Centre University of Otago.

After many thousands of applications throughout New Zealand, UVTEC is now receiving enquiries from many of those original customers who have on-sold, upsized or downsized their homes, relocated and bought knowing the benefits of UVTEC in protecting their home furnishings in their most valuable asset.
Also, UVTEC is fielding off-shore enquiries from countries that have long established the need for double glazing and are aware that there is a requirement to find a product that will not invalidate the existing double glazing warranties.